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A lot of dominance, degradation, and sadism. nsfw and no one under the age of consent of their state / province/ whatever // 22 year old and fitness freak. // ears: metal, lungs: my apologies // I like to pick at people's minds and also enjoy long walks on the beach. disclaimer: what i'm posting depends on what mood i'm in
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The facial abuse crew was always of grand interest to me. The way they literally attempt to fuck with the girl’s head while doing the scene was a sight to see. Most go from good to go to in anguish from a few questions, some spit to the face, and some slaps.

They also loved to ridicule the ethnicity/background of whatever woman is on the set. After she’s a mess and has the broken regret look in their face they get the entire cast to shoot their load on her face then proceed to make her sit there with it while they take pics. Some vivid material there.

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